Insight into the healthy ‘kick’ in butternut squash

As the weather starts to cool off and running noses and sore throats become all too common, soups become one of the most appealing foods.

When the squash season starts to come to an end, its the perfect time to incorporate a multitude of wonderful, ripe squash vegetables into your daily whole made soups.

Butternut squash in particular, is raved about for its wholesome, as well as filling characteristics. In addition to a soup base, it can also be used as a ravioli filing or as a squash casserole.

As it pertains to soups, Deborah Mele, Italian cook and author of Italian Food Forever, has really nailed the perfect butternut squash soup recipe. I recently made this soup and I must say the flavor way phenomenal. From the sage to the drizzle of yogurt, the flavors could be tasted in every spoonful.

“This soup is also low in fat as only a little heart-healthy olive oil is used, and the soup gets its thick, creamy texture from the sweet potatoes rather than heavy cream.” adds Deborah.

If you are battling allergies or asthma, butternut squash is also rich in vitamins and minerals to improve immunity through the cold winter months. According to Medical News Today, butternut squash contains an antioxidant known as Beta-Carotene which acts as a protective shield to the body, preventing free-radicals from getting into our systems. What could be better way to kick that stubborn cold?

I had the opportunity to speak with Nathan Tarentino, owner of Italian restaurant and cuisine, Centanove. When I asked him about the popularity of his butternut squash raviolis, he answered in excitement, “There is not an item on the menu that sells at the rate that my butternut squash raviolis do. Once you start eating them, it becomes an addiction almost. You are tasting so many different spices and flavors all at once, engulfed in an authentic Italian pasta…There really is nothing better. He jokes,  “Also, I feel that many people have the mindset that they are eating a vegetable, so it completely voids the fact that you are eating quite a few carbohydrates that come from the pasta.”

Wether you be outside around a fire enjoying the crisp air that transitions into winter, or cuddled up on the couch in a blanket, there really is not a more satisfying taste then that of butternut squash. Before you bundle up to relax for the night, grab yourself a bowl or plate of your favorite squash meal.

Buon Appetito!




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