Don’t let the produce spoil!

Special tips to take advantage of a fresh fall harvest from, Jovina Cooks Italian: What is in season in October:

When it hits October, the produce market switches to fall mode; pumpkin, squash, and seasonal berries are just a few of the many gifts of a fall harvest.  With all the wonderful autumn produce fully stocked,  it is no surprise that Italian recipes have great potential to turn out delicious.

However, the question always remains, “How can I preserve the produce to keep it fresh until the holidays?”

Through her many years of cooking experience, Jovina answers the question:

  • To keep fruits and veggies fresh, she says, freeze them at their peak of harvest, but first make sure they are thoroughly cleaned.
  • The next step is blanching for two to five minutes

“Blanching — the process of heating vegetables with boiling water or steam for a set amount of time, then immediately plunging them into cold or iced water — stops enzyme activity that causes vegetables to lose nutrients and change texture.”

  • Freeze them in freezer-safe storage containers.

It is surely exciting to know that the local markets are stocked with the finest fall produce, but even more assuring to have found a way to make it last even longer.